Other Products

Microtex International is a supplier of high-quality generic packaging machinery and equipment for the fast-moving consumer goods market. We design, manufacture and assemble innovative and cost-effective machinery to suit our customers’ requirements.

Flexi Conveyor System

Flexible conveyors are at the precipice of versatility when required to convey from point A to point B within a given space.


Trolleys & Operator Tables

Trolleys & operator tables crafted in food grade stainless steel, designed to fare long with extra durability. Bobbin Holder trolleys for Maker & Packer, Operator Tables, Cigarette/Filter Tray Trolleys, Glue transfer trolleys.

Semi Automatic Tray Unloader (SATU)

Microtex International Offers SATU with independent PLC systems, All which is necessary is to hang on the machine and plug it separately for it to function.

Cigarette Rod Cutter

Microtex International supplies Cigarette Rod cutters.