GD Packer/ Cigarette Packing Machine Spare Parts

We offer tobacco machinery spare parts for GD series cigarette packing machine line. Our spare parts have been sold to cigarette manufacturers worldwide due to its good quality and short delivery time.

Our hot-sale products are Inner Frame Cutter, Embossing Roller (Male & Female), Glue Nozzle Set, Web Cutting Knives, Tear Tape Knives, Cigarette Detector Set, Aluminum Foil Cutter Set, Packet Tray Holder etc.

Tear Tape Knife
Steel Roller Set
Stamp Glue Assembly
Six Knife Circular Blade Set
Pneumatic Tensioning System
OX617 Malta Wheel
No.8 Wheel Assembly
NO.7 Wheel Assembly
Sliding Brace Assembly
Body Armer
No.4 Bobbin Wheel
No.2 Wheel Assembly
No.1 Wheel Set
Small Glue Container Set
Glue Wheel
Glue Nozzle
Glue Assembly
Fixed Overlap Device
Cutting Knife
Carton Film Standby Device
Bobbin Wheel
Big Glue Set
Belt Replacement Set
Alu. Foil Anti-fake Roller