Protos 70/80/90 Cigarette Making Machine Spare Parts

We offer tobacco machinery spare parts for Hlp cigarette packing machine line. Our spare parts have been supplied to customers worldwide due to its good quality and short delivery time.

Our hot-sale products are Inner Frame Cutter, Embossing Roller (Male & Female), Glue Nozzle Set, Web Cutting Knives, Tear Tape Knives, Cigarette Detector Set, Aluminum Foil Cutter Set, Packet Tray Holder etc

Tongue Piece
Nylon Suction Tape
Gum Roller
Slitting Roller
Tobacco Carding Set
Eccrature Disc
Cutting Knife Set
Transition Gear
Protos Parts EM45051800
Protos Parts 4EM6021900
Tongue Piece
Transport Channel Piece
Rolling Block
Heater Plate
Protos Parts 4DM5100100
Protos Parts 4DM4420200
Protos Parts 4EM1310201
Protos Parts 4DM2100100
Protos Parts 2ACE661A0500
Protos Parts 4DN3120100
Protos Parts 4DN480AQ00
Protos Parts 4DN390AR62
Protos Parts 4DM5200210
Protos Parts 4DM4410101
Rolling Drum
Cutting Drum
Tipping Drum
Filter Drum
Paper Transport Block