MK8/MK9/MK95 Maker Spare Parts

We offer tobacco spare parts for cigarette making machine type of MK8, MK9, MK9-5, Max 3, Max 5, Max S, PA7, PA8, PA9. Our tobacco machinery spare parts are guaranteed in quality and short delivery time.

Our hot-sale products are Tobacco Garniture Tape, Tobacco Suction Tape, Tongue Piece, Filter Rod Cutting Knives, Tobacco Rod Cutting Knives, Tipping Paper Cutting Knives, Garniture Assembly, Sharpening Disc, Tipping Drum and tipping paper porosity roller, etc.

Garniture Tape
Circular Blade
Tobacco Cutting Knives
Tongue Piece
Nylon Suction Tape
Steel Suction Tape
Tipping Paper Knife
Sharpening Disc
Cigarette Tray
Garniture Assembly
Tipping Drum
Steel Bounce Band
Tipping Porosity Roller
Rolling Block
Tipping Cutter Set
Carding Set
Glue Nozzle Assembly
Tipping Paper Drum Set
Blade Grinder Disc
Sharpening Disc
Ecreteur Gearbox Asseembly
Tobacco Shoe
Ecreteur Disc
Drum Suction Piece
Long Knife
Alloy Guide Inserts
Garniture Wheel
Big Fan Belts
Plastic Brushes
Suction Mouth Pieces